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Kiwi Dollars and Sense

Helping kiwi's learn, earn and save

The Kiwi Dollars and Sense Book idea was dreamed up in a dreary London office in early 2008, when it had seemed the world had lost it’s marbles as property prices boomed and London city was awash with money. You might be wondering what that has to do with a kiwi book on basic money skills? Well it was around this time I had just returned from a Christmas trip to visit family in New Zealand and saw that the same borrow and spend behaviour had New Zealand in it’s grips. Although I didn’t know at the time, the world soon came to it’s senses as has been published and reported numerous times. What could be done? How did this happen? All the normal questions, with many of the same answers “we couldn’t see it coming”, “we thought it was different this time” and yet just like in the 1987 sharemarket crash, many hard working kiwi’s lost money on property investments or worse, their whole life savings through finance company dealings.

This book tells a different story to many of the rules to financial success books out there. Kiwi Dollars and Sense is a story about ordinary kiwis from early New Zealand times and through their stories we can learn the timeless lessons of living a good life. Learn, Earn, Save, Spend (in that order) or end up with Nothing. That’s the message, simple. The stories are entertaining and although entirely fictional, are based on kiwi characters that keep on popping up in New Zealand life. We all know a Rawhiri or Russell somewhere – guaranteed!

So as the story goes, enjoy the read and be sure to let your kids read it or even read it to your kids as a bedtime story. It’s never too early to share the stories of Kiwi Dollars and Sense. You never know, they may thank you the next time one of these global financial meltdowns hits… and there will be always be a next time just like there has been since 1637 when a Tulip cost ten times a worker’s yearly salary.


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