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Kiwi Dollars and Sense

Helping kiwi's learn, earn and save

The second chapter follows Rawhiri and Russell as they meet with an old school buddy William, and what they learn from him. The most important piece of advice when approaching any predicament… ask for help.

Chapter Two – A Percentage of all your Income is yours to keep

In Auckland, there lived a very rich man named William Smith. He was renowned throughout the fair country of New Zealand for his abundant wealth. He was famous for his generosity and his community-minded spirit. He was generous in his support of science and the arts and made sure his family wanted for nothing in every aspect of their lives.

He also appeared to live a very comfortable existence, with fine vehicles of transportation, be they airborne, seaborne or any other vehicle he chose to use. His houses were very comfortable with all the necessary modern amenities and luxuries such as swimming pools and the like.

He spared no expense in the technological hardware that kept his house running and lived like a king. Remarkably, his wealth did not diminish in the slightest; it in fact increased as the years passed, despite his love for new and interesting ways with which he could spend it. One Saturday he was dining on his favorite breakfast at his favorite café when he spotted….

We are publishing the entire book shortly, but if after reading the first chapter you can’t wait, email me at and I’ll upload the rest of the second chapter here!




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